Mary Lou Cave next to the '34 Oldsmobile in which she learned to drive.


Vintage Automobiles

In this section I've posted some obscure images from the 20s, 30, and 40s of automobiles, snapshots from people's everyday lives. By the time the 30s ended, cars were looking much more like they do today, as design was getting figured out.  They offered mobility never before available.

In the ones that follow, I have no idea of what the circumstances are, but thought they capture well, nuances of the Age.

Images copyright 2015 Thomas Cave

Vintage Aircraft and Boats


People from UK stopped at a gas station at Wyoming's continental divide, July 1937



Part of a survey field crew, mid 1930s





Look at the size of this car








Film crew filming in Florida.  Check out the camera on top



Parked Close.  Nice shine on both.


Unloading an early 40s car from a ship




Notice the ruts the cars tires had to follow


Looks like too much rain.  Too bad it's blurred, but Golden Wedding Whiskey is still legible.