Aircraft and Boats

In this section I've posted some unique glimpses of people interacting with airplanes and boats in the 20s, 30, and 40s.  As with the others, these are scenes you won't see in news pictures of the day, but rather snapshots from people's daily lives. 

Given that this was during the Depression, its remarkable the amount of money and interest in travel, as aviation was developing at a rapid pace.

These images copyright 2015 Thomas Cave

Vintage Automobiles

Vintage Photos


Ready for Flying


The advantage of being able to take off from any grassy field


Seaplane ready to depart Quebec in 1936


Incident in South Miami in mid 1920s

The ultimate deco aircraft, Boeing 314 China Clipper in the water, with the American Flag out the cockpit overhead hatch





New York Harbor in August, 1936