R  A  D  I  O       P  L  A  N  E  T

I'm currently rebuilding the Site. It's rather a mess right now - but give me until Oct 30, 2015

The original work from 1984 (on which the script is based) is being modernized and developed into a novel again, hopefully to be published in 2016.

I'm still working the cinematography, to bring it to the big screen, so there will be something on YouTube in 2016.

But the story line is still the same.

The story is like Noir - a sense of certainty of flying toward a dead end, but you can't change it.  

You don't want to change it.  

You are human, and susceptible to the concept of Destiny.  Artifacts and relics found by earlier expeditions do nothing to change anything.  We are what we are.  

And yet we still want to go out there.











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